October 4th

AfterPay becomes Riverty

Same service, new perspectives

We’re evolving to help you live your best financial life.

AfterPay is changing to become Riverty. Join us in this exciting journey of opportunity.

With a whole host of flexible payment options to choose from, Riverty is about giving you the freedom to make your own financial decisions.

  • Offering transparency and simplicity, Riverty promises to create a more mindful approach to finances.
  • Shop with more confidence. Tailor the payment solution you use to your life.
  • Keep an eye open for Riverty’s new products and services.
  • The name Riverty is inspired by the seamless and organic flow of a river, combined with a natural sense of liberty.

The Riverty promise

Riverty is all about authenticity, trust and transparency. It’s why we’re giving clear and reassuring information to offer more peace of mind.


Financial consciousness:

We exist to help you make transactions that fit your needs, with calm and confidence.


October 4 will be the start of our transformation, with more steps to come. Real human needs are at the heart of every step of our journey.


With security and flexibility for truly transparent payment solutions, we ensure your everyday needs are at the heart of our journey.


To help you manage your payments in a flexible way, we will continue developing our Buy now, pay later offering for you.
Here is our new logo:

Offering you improved products and services

Riverty – like AfterPay – will continue adding to an already strong product range: Invoice, Fixed Installments, Monthly Invoice and Direct Debit.


All you need to know about our next steps.

About Riverty

What does the new name, ‘Riverty’ mean?

Our main goal is to support you in your day-to-day life. With better products, better services and also a new brand name. Inspired by the organic flow of a river and a natural sense of liberty, Riverty stands for freedom and opportunity. We want you to enjoy the same feeling when it comes to your personal finances.

How will Riverty communicate?

The forthcoming launch is still under wraps, but expect fresh and new communication from us. Our goal is to excite you with our approach and create enthusiasm for the new brand right from the very beginning.

What will change for consumers using AfterPay?

Do you already love all the services AfterPay provides? Well the good news is that Riverty offers the same services in the same webshops, but now offers more options and possibilities for you. With new products like ‘Pay in 3’ and ‘Flex’, you’ll be able to handle your finances in new ways and make purchases the way you want to.
About the transition to Riverty

When will Riverty be launched?

The new Riverty brand name will be launched in October 2022. From then on, you’ll begin to see the new Riverty brand on our apps and when you purchase something, but also in the media via an extensive advertising, social media, marketing and PR campaign.

When will the AfterPay brand be replaced with the Riverty brand?

The new brand will launch on October 4th. But before then we are communicating with our active users to ensure a smooth transition from AfterPay to Riverty.

When will I hear more about the next steps of the transformation?

In the coming months we will publish more information about our transformation here. Some details may change over time, but you can expect to have the full picture by October 2022.
About the business

Will the AfterPay offering change?

We will keep servicing you as we do today. The products and services you know and love will still be part of our offer, but there will be more. Our ambition is to keep on innovating as we did before and lead the market with new products like ‘Pay in 3’.

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